Malaga airport will once again exceed 19 million passengers this year


The Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport once again exceeded the traffic of the same period of 2019 last month, with growth records both in passengers and in operations, according to the balance made this Monday by Aena

The Malaga infrastructure closed November with 1,202,902 travelers, 2.8% more than the passengers in the same month of 2019, and 9,557 movements, 6.1% above the number of flights for November 2019.

This positive evolution is due to the dynamism shown by both national and international traffic.

The bulk of the recorded passengers traveled on commercial routes, to a total of 1,198,361. Of these, 264,804 did so with destination or origin in a Spanish city, while the remaining 933,557 opted for flights abroad.

Internationally, the United Kingdom (247,940 passengers), the Netherlands (83,280), Germany (72,813), France (59,244) and Italy (51,090) were, in absolute terms, the countries with the greatest demand last November.

In addition, the momentum of other markets whose registrations are above those of 2019 in November stands out, such as Ireland (49,831), Sweden (48,547), Denmark (47,623), Switzerland (34,050) or Norway (31,988).

The same occurs with passengers on domestic flights (264,804), which exceeded by 21.3% those of November 2019, consolidating the domestic market as the second with the highest traffic in Malaga infrastructure.

Accumulated data

The traffic trend over the past month has favored the balance of traffic so far in 2022, a period in which 17,267,647 passengers passed through the airport and 134,367 landings and takeoffs were handled, representing a recovery of 98, 9% of the flights recorded between January and November 2019

Of the 17,216,573 users who traveled on commercial flights in the first eleven months, 3,037,742 had origin or destination in national territory and 14,178,831, outside our borders

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